What Our Customers Say

“These guys were so quick it was like they beamed in…”

The single biggest benefit is the quick response time when I have a problem with my computers.  I am as tech unsaavy as you can be so knowing that the team is there to get me back up and running quickly is a godsend.  Recently I had a monitor apparently die on me and these guys were so quick, it was like they beamed in and figured out the problem immediately and I was back up and running in no time.  I think the dedication to their clients and the “do anything it takes” attitude sets them apart.

Bob Ostapower, CPA, CFP

“It’s like having my own IT staff and that gives me peace of mind”

I know if I have a problem with my computer (or even just a question), Secure-WAN is there to help me out using patience and knowledge. They talk to me on my level so that I can understand and they can fix the issue without my having to take my computer anywhere. I am impressed with their level of professionalism and they understand me and my needs. It’s like having my own IT staff and that gives me peace of mind.

Dawn Wenner

“…I would definitely recommend making the switch to Secure-WAN”

The service we get and cost savings are the two biggest benefits we have found since switching to Secure-WAN.  They always have a fantastic response time and when we have a major issue they make us a priority.  The customer service is awesome and I would definitely recommend making the switch to Secure-WAN.  Not only do you get great service but their flat-rate pricing saves a few dollars and who doesn’t want to do that?

Debbie Mann

“I actually had to get accustomed to the level of support the Secure-WAN team provides…”

I actually had to get accustomed to the level of support the Secure-WAN team provides as I wasn’t used to that kind of service.  I have a resource now that allows me to get done all the things I just do not have the time or the knowledge to accomplish and that resource is the team at Secure-WAN.  They provide results that are real time, the best I have ever experienced, with support that is customized to my staff’s and my needs at a high level. If you are looking for a new IT firm, just realize the change will be an investment that will pay itself back in more than just great support at a reasonable price, but real time solutions for needs we as business owners do not have the time to do but Secure-WAN does.

Nick Meabon

“They really took it all on – huge relief”

Whether it’s Windows, our practice management software vendor, our DR X-ray system and its software and hardware, or the equipment and network, they handle it all. I’d almost painted myself into a corner, but Secure-WAN took work off my hands. They really took it all on… huge relief.

At the start of our engagement, Bill’s team collected information on all of our IT resources, from top to bottom. This included website and hosting, Internet service, and even phone service. They work from the big picture which other IT teams lacked. There are lots of moving parts in our world, and thanks to Secure-WAN’s thorough approach, I’m not having to start at square one when we have a problem. Thorough and thoughtful service.

Chris Kearney

“They are great people to have supporting you”

We love that we can pick up the phone or submit a ticket to let them know about our IT issues and have the peace of mind to know it will get resolved immediately. They are great people to have supporting you. The major difference we see between Secure-WAN and the IT firms we used in the past is timeliness. If you are having any trouble with your current IT firm, I promise you it will be resolved with Bill and his team at Secure-WAN. Their professionalism and willingness to work with your staff resolving all IT issues will be evident as soon as you sign up with them.

R.J. Bolich

“…Once we found Secure-WAN we knew we would never need to look elsewhere”

The SecureVOICE VOIP system that was installed and is maintained by Secure-WAN allows us to have all of our calls forwarded to our cell phones automatically so we never miss a call.  We had never used an IT firm before and once we found Secure-WAN we knew we would never need to look elsewhere.  Our calls get forwarded, our faxes come directly to our emails, and voicemails left for us on our work phones come to us as e-mails, so we are completely mobile.  Even if we are out of the office our customers can get in touch with us immediately.

Reid Kelly

“They made recommendations that not only met our needs, but saved us considerable money as well”

Upon the decision to change IT support companies, we found Secure-WAN.com took time up front to analyze our existing infrastructure and understand our requirements.  Our staff is overwhelmingly pleased with the service that we receive from Secure-WAN.  They made recommendations that not only met our needs but saved us considerable money as well.  They then proceeded to implement exactly what was promised.

They are knowledgeable, professional, timely, solution oriented and committed to providing the level of service that we require supporting our practice and clients.

Shonna Horacek

“Secure-WAN is professional, efficient and friendly!”

Secure WAN is quick to respond to any questions, concerns and problems and is always there to offer suggestions and results.  I know that I will never be stuck with a system that is not operating appropriately- even on the weekend!  Since adding the SecureVOICE VoIP system our clients have the benefit of never receiving a busy signal when they try to reach us.  Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service to our clients, so being able to have the VoIP system, we are better able to assist them as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Secure-WAN is professional, efficient and friendly!  They help us with our day to day tasks, but they are also friends.  I appreciate their attention to our requests and how they never become frustrated with us.  I would recommend them to anybody.

Jenna Stegin

Our Service Area

We are located in Auburn, GA. However, we also have satisfied customers in several cities around North Metro Atlanta. These cities include Suwanee, Duluth, Buford, Lawrenceville, Dacula, Sugar Hill, and Lilburn.

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